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On 26th of October, 2018, PMI Mongolia Chapter announced the winner of “Best Project Manager of the Year - 2018” award during the fifth annual conference “SHIFTING TOWARDS FUTURE EXCELLENCE”- Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The goal of the award was to recognize and honor the project manager who conducted the project successfully by utilizing skills and tools of project management profession and made an outstanding contribution to organization, society. Based on the nominations from applicants, the expert jury nominated and honored a deserving Project Manager who exemplifies the values we hold as Project Management practitioners.

“Best Project Manager of the Year - 2018” Award Winner

Javkhlantugs Ganbaatar, Project Manager

Javkhlan Ganbaatar currently serves as a director, policy and advocacy for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia. His experience includes advisor of stakeholder engagement and management at Oyu Tolgoi LLC as well as operations manager with 4 years of experience in a supervisory role.

As a director and project manager, he is leading and implementing strategies for successful execution of 3 large projects worth of $3.2 million:

  • Booster plant-Mongolian mining and construction companies have long been dependent on imported booster plants. Mera LLC company, however, launched the project of building these boosters locally with self-financing and successfully started selling products to mining companies. The idea not only brought Mongolian technological advancement to the next level but also addressed several issues such as poor quality risk, customer service issues, and import issues. 
  • Packaged emulsion plant-Based on the emulsion plant T12 of Oyu Tolgoi company, Packaged Emulsion Plant - T13 is capable of producing 6000 tons of emulsion annually, supplying for the local need, and is equipped with devices of IDC, an American company. The packaged emulsion has several types and is fully able to endure weather condition ranging from -40C to +40C. Because the product is produced in Mongolia, customers no longer have a need to purchase large amounts of emulsion and can save both their money and time.
  • Nonel initiation systems-NIS is a non-electric blast initiation system that is designed to initiate explosion. In this project, “The Equipment Assembly and Installation Factory - T15” was built with equipment and devices of Austin Detonator, the world-leading company. The factory is able to produce 500,000 nonel devices per year in accordance with customers’ desired size and type, thereby saving customers’ both time and money. As a first Mongolian Equipment Assembly and Installation Factory with Europian standard, T15 will enhance the competence of the Mongolian mining industry.

As a strategic, results-oriented thinker, Javkhlan encouraged the project team collaboration to address project challenges and identified creative ways to resolve conflict and mitigate risks. Using his unique blend of communication and analyzing skill, he advised and maintained external engagements and communication with the stakeholders, international partners, and Detonator professionals on a number of issues during this three-year project. Also, he provided OT/ Rio Tinto VPs and department managers with a regular update of mapping, analysis and forecasted key impacts for OT project. Prior to joining MERA LLC, Javkhlan worked on various project management engagements with such organizations including Regent University, Congressman Joe Pitts, Blue Sky Aviation.

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