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With the purpose of honoring the large and complex project that best delivers a superior performance of project management practices, organizational results, and positive impacts on society, PMI Mongolia Chapter announced the winner of “Best Project of The Year - 2018” award during its fifth annual conference “SHIFTING TOWARDS FUTURE EXCELLENCE”.

“Best Project of the Year - 2018” Award Winner

NBIK LLC – Oyu Tolgoi Underground Mine Air Heater Construction

NBIK LLC: Established in 2010, NBIK LLC company strives to contribute our country’s development through building a team joining creative experienced professionals and implementing high-quality construction projects. NBIK LLC’s team is operating in the field of construction, mounting and installation of outer piping, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage, power supply and inner/outer lighting systems as well as concrete production, laboratory and geodetic research service.

“Oyu Tolgoi Underground Mine Air Heater Construction” Project

As the number of workers in underground mine increases, underground mine ventilation system becomes a more important and urgent issue. With a total of 120,000 manpower and professionals working for eight months,  NBIK LLC  company successfully executed such works including building one of the largest underground construction in the field of mining and operating installation within a tight schedule.

In this project, NBIK LLC company controlled the daily process of a project through the management system named Deloitte LinC allowing the team to monitor construction process with diverse perspectives or address expected issues immediately without time consuming delay. When some unestimated problems arose due to the renovation plan of turning old laundry place into an underground kitchen, the team recorded each change and approached with their PAF method (the form that integrates additional budget, explanation of the change, updated sketch, instruction), informed the customer, and negotiated constantly.  

In order to prioritize the safety issue, the company implemented “Oyu-Tolgoi Underground Mine Air Heater” project through the combination of high quality and health-safety executive. During the construction, the team planned daily work ahead of due time so as to take precautions against estimated plausible risks. As a result, the work was completed on time, within budget and without a serious accident.

This project not only provided NBIK LLC company with opportunities to gain experience and increase efficiency among workers but also contributed to the society as a whole by increasing workers on OT project from 10000 to 16000. Furthermore, by building an essential construction for the future of the mining industry, Underground Ventilation project set an exemplary work and enhanced the further development of the Mongolian mining industry by one step.

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Posted on Feb 14, 2019